The Impact of Elections: The Case of Uganda

Svein-Erik Helle and Lise Rakner (2017)
Helle, Svein-Erik. & Lise Rakner. 2017. “The Impact of Elections: The Case of Uganda”. In Johannes Gerschewski & Christoph Stefes (eds) Crisis in Autocratic Regimes. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, pp. 111-134.

About the book:

What makes autocratic regimes vulnerable? Why, in times of crisis, do some of these regimes break down while others weather the storm? This is the puzzle addressed in Crisis in Autocratic Regimes. Taking a long-term perspective, the authors focus not on sudden shocks and ruptures, but instead on gradual processes of disintegration as they unfold over time.

Full list of contents:

  • Analyzing Crises in Autocratic Regimes — J. Gerschewski.
  • Anticipating Crises in Autocracies — M.K. Dimitrov.
  • Disturbing the Dictator: Peaceful Protest Under Authoritarianism — A. Schedler.
  • Force vs. Institutions in Authoritarian Politics — M.W. Svolik.
  • The Military and Autocratic Regimes Crises: Roles of the Armed Forces — A. Croissant, T. Eschenauer, and J. Kamerling.
  • The Impact of Elections: The Case of Uganda — S.-E. Helle and L. Rakner.
  • Coordination and Crisis Prevention: The Case of Post-Soviet Eurasia — M. Bader.
  • The Resilience of Authoritarianism: The Case of the Chinese Developmental State — T. Heberer.
  • Historical Legacies and the Institutionalization of Military Rule: Lessons from Latin America — F. Agüero and J. Brückner.
  • Successes and Failures of Authoritarian Governance: The Case of the Arab Spring — F. Volpi.
  • Crisis? What Crisis? Concluding Thoughts — C.H. Stefes.