RDV: Expertise and democracy

Date: 21 October 2021 Time: 14:15-15:45 Venue: Zoom. To receive an invitation to the Zoom-webinar, contact discretion@uib.no Presentation Dr. Alfred Moore Dr. Alfred Moore is a Lecturer in Political Theory at the Department of Politics at the University of York. His research interests include deliberative democracy, social epistemology, politics of expertise and technology and democracy. He also […]

UTSATT! Barnevernfrokost: Konflikthåndtering og kommunikasjon i barnevernssaker

Dato: 10. September 09.00-09.45 Sted: Zoom Barnevernfrokost: Konflikthåndtering og kommunikasjon i barnevernssaker Samtaleprosess er en meklingsliknende prosess i saker for fylkesnemndene. Formålet er å «bedre partenes kommunikasjon og gi dem mulighet til å bli enige om løsninger til barnets beste som hel eller delvis løsning på saken» (barnevernloven § 7-25). Hvorfor er det behov for […]

LawTransform Info-Day!!!

LawTransform Director Siri Gloppen, and the core team of LawTransform are happy to invite YOU to our Info-Day!

Are you interested in our student group, which consists of PhD, Master and Bachelor students –
occasionally supplemented by practitioners from relevant fields? The LawTransform core-team (director, coordinator and interns) is also a part of this group.

We can offer you an interesting intellectual environment, exciting seminars and events, a group of like-minded people, workspace in our joint office and social activities.

All you need is to be interested in the centre’s research and thematic areas – which is law as political strategy and the role of rights, courts and law in social change.

If this has caught your attention, then we would be more than happy to invite you to our Info-Day, where we will present the Centre, the possibilities for students here, and our exciting academic and social program for the coming semester.

Young people as Experts by Experience: Participatory Research, Policy-,and Service Development

Recent decades have propelled children onto the societal agenda in new ways. We observe that children are increasingly regarded as individuals with separate interests and rights in many societies as discussed in the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC). Children’s right to participate in matters affecting them is a fundamental right stated in the CRC and it is an unequivocal right that should be straightforward for governments, the judiciary and public authorities to implement. Still, reports from children themselves, public audits and research demonstrate that children are not involved and do not participate to the extent that the Convention and the laws prescribe (for example). In this session, experts by experience come together with representatives from civil society, Bergen Municipality and research to discuss how to solve the puzzle with involving and including children in matters concerning them.

Keynote: Criminal Insanity – Medical, Philosophical and Legal Perspectives

This session explores different disciplinary perspectives on criminal insanity. The focus is on the significance of delusions for the law’s understanding of who should be found insane and who should not. While psychotic delusions are commonly related to insanity, it is sometimes difficult to demarcate between delusions and ideological beliefs – seen for instance in the 22 July case. The panelists will enlighten the meaning of delusion from a legal, philosophical and medical perspective, and the possibility of a joint approach will be discussed.

Women on the Bench

What are the gendered experiences of female judges – on their path to the bench and in their work as professional judges, and what difference does it make to have women on the bench?
This event presents findings from the CMI/LawTransform RCN funded Project Women on the Bench.

Interview: Lunch with the judge

Ruth Rubio Marin (Professor of Law, University of Sevilla and European University Institute) will use the lunch break to interview Julieta Lemaitre Ripoll about her experiences on and off the bench. Julieta Lemaitre is a judge at the Justice Chambers of the Colombian Special Jurisdiction for Peace, created in 2018 to implement the transitional justice component of the 2016 peace agreement. She is also a professor at Los Andes University in Bogota.