Autocratization Dynamics: Innovations in Research-Embedded Learning

Project Leader: Lise Rakner (UiB) Funding: Norwegian Research Council (NRC) & HK-dir 10 mill NOK About the project “Autocratization Dynamics” aims to further strengthen UiB-CMI LawTransform as a global hub for research at the intersection of law and politics, and as a leading centre for innovations in horizontal research-embedded education, by forging long-term partnerships with leading […]

Rights Activism under Political Uncertainty (RightAct)

Project team: Project leader: Leonardo Arriola Liv Tønnessen, Matthew Gichohi, Lise Rakner, Siri Gloppen, Arsène Brice Bardo, Jaimie Bleck, Alyssa Heinze, Jane Mango Angar, Johanna Reyes Ortega, Sarah Daniel, Fiona Shen Bayh Human rights activists face increasingly contentious and uncertain conditions as authoritarian forces challenge democratic norms around the world. Activists must navigate an increasingly […]

Truth Commissions and Sexual Violence: African and Latin American Experiences

Sexual violence committed during war or internal armed conflict is a major global challenge. It has mostly remained under-addressed during transitions from conflict and repressive regimes. Some governments have tried to address conflict-related-sexual-violence (CRSV) through truth commissions, whose job it is to document human rights violations and provide recommendations to remedy the past and prevent […]

Truth and Reconciliation in a Democratic Welfare State: The Indigenous Sami and the Kven/Norwegian Finns Minority in Norway (TRUCOM)

This project will study how Norway – a well-established democratic welfare state – attempts to settle the negative effects of long-lasting policies of assimilation and discrimination against indigenous and minority groups through the establishment of a formal truth and reconciliation commission. How and in what ways will the Norwegian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) – […]

Rethinking democracy & law

This project will rethink the way teaching is done in the field of Democracy & Law. It will do so by building a new four-way collaboration between the University of Bergen/LawTransform; two US universities who are at the forefront in this field: the University of Washington (UW) and Syracuse University; and the Bergen based Rafto […]

LawTransform: Effects of Rights & Law

The project aims to consolidate the Centre on Law & Social Transformation (LawTransform) as a leading hub for scholarship on the use of law as an instrument of social change, and to advance high-quality research-based education in this field in Norway and abroad. Background and purpose: Our project brings together an interdisciplinary team of scholars […]

The Pro Bono Group

We are a group at the University of Bergen that conduct research on children´s rights. Pro Bono is a Latin phrase for professional work and research undertaken voluntarily without payment and for the benefit of the public good. We believe that working for children and young individual’s rights is a particularly important social responsibility. In […]

Women on the Bench: The Role of Female Judges in Fragile States

Project team: Project leader: Elin Skaar Pilar Domingo, Siri Gloppen, Ruth Rubio-Marín, Rachel Sieder, Aslak Jangård Orre, Antonio De Lauri, Torunn Wimpelmann, Ana Braconnier, Margareth Nangacovie, Marianne Tøraasen  Project reference group: Monica Kirya, Erika Rackley, Ulrike Schultz, Astri Suhrke, Georgina Waylen Funding: Norwegian Research Council, NorGlobal Since the 1970s, women have increasingly  made it to the bench. Surprisingly, the […]

Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health: Criminalisation, health impacts and game changers

  Why is homosexuality (encompassing lesbian, gay, bi, trans*/LGBT) more politicized and criminalized in Africa than elsewhere? Can similar politicization of abortion be prevented? And what are the health impacts? This project analyses LGBT and abortion politics in ten African countries: Sudan, Tunisia, Senegal, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa. Development actors […]

Elevating water rights to human rights: Has it strengthened marginalized peoples’ claim for water?

Abstract: Water scarcity remains a huge problem in many countries, especially where a growing population compete with demands for water from industry and agriculture. In 2010, a United Nations General Assembly resolution recognised the right to safe and clean drinking water as a human right. However, the actual impact of this relatively new human right to […]