Abortion Lawfare: Global Battles

Date/Time: 24 August 2022, 11:30-12:30
Venue: University Aula

Political and legal battles over abortion take different forms and directions between countries within and accross regions, At the same time, abortion politics accross the globe is interlinked in myrad ways. There are tight alliances both on the side working to expand the rights and even more clearly among those aiming to restrict them. Not only is donor funding flowing across borders, the same issues and rhetorical strategies emerge in very different localities, and often the same actors are involved. With the Dobbs decision weakening abortion rights in the United Statesbut also with the developments in Latin America, the opportunity structures are shifting for actors world wide.  In this roundtable, researchers from different regions will present findings from their work on abortion politics, bringing out similarities and differences between countries to enable us to understand what impact abortion poltics in different circumstances, and how transnational pressures play into the domestic contexts – including the ever more heated abortion rights lawfare in the US. 

Short introduction of US abortion battles at home and abroad by TBA
African perspectives by TBA
Mena-region perspectives by TBA
Indian perspectives by TBA

This roundtable presents research from the LawTransform projects Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare Global Battles, and Political Determinants of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Africa