Film screening of My Imaginary Country

Date/time: 22. March, 16:30

Place: Jekteviksbakken 31

In collaboration with Cine Latino, LawTransform invites you to a free screening of this striking documentary about the constitutional struggle and the protests from 2019 in Chile – followed by panel discussion.

Santiago de Chile, 2019: An increase in public transport ticket prices was the final straw for many Chileans. People stood together to protest against the growing social inequality that had been allowed to grow for decades. Close, strong interviews, especially with women, are combined with colossal street scenes, and eventually turn into insightful documentation of the process of working out a new constitution.

Documentary legend Patricio Guzmán (THE BATTLE OF CHILE, 1975, THE PEARL BUTTON – BIFF 2015) again turns his gaze to Chile’s anatomy and provides insight into how the country’s history has led to the current situation. Seamlessly, Guzmán weaves together personal testimonies, intense street battles and drone footage of the huge crowds in this inspiring tale of those who stand together against injustice. With MY IMAGINARY COUNTRY he shows a masterful ability to show the energy, courage and hope that Chile contains.

The screening will take place in Bergen Global (CMI & Juss II-bygget i Jekteviksbakken 31). After the screening, there is a panel discussion in English. External and itnernal perspectives on the film and the social and political process it portraye will be provided by:

Soledad Marambio a Chilean, Bergen-based film-maker and Associate Professor at UiB;

Bendik Garrido Hauge, MA student at NHH with a chilean family background

Gokhan Sen, a constitutional scholar from Turkey who closely followed the constitutional reform process in Chile.

The discussion will be moderated by Siri Gloppen.

We open at 16 and snacks will be available.