Suing the State for climate change

Suing the State for climate change is the title for Catalina Vallejo Ph.D project. Vallejo finished her 2018.   

About the research project: 

How do courts around the world hold governments accountable for their failing to mitigate or adapt to climate change? Climate change is a complex global problem and poses a unique challenge for societies and for the law. As part of a manifold set of strategies to advance transformations, stakeholders are increasingly turning to litigation. When local courts address the role of a particular government on this issue, they become courts not only for their national jurisdiction but for the global population and the globe itself. Through content analysis of court cases against governments around the world, this study examines how courts are dealing with unprecedented issues of state responsibility for global harms, and whether the jurisprudence is responding to the unique nature of the climate problem.

Los Andes University School of Law. Supervisor: Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito.