Keynote by Dan Brinks: Autocratic Legalism

Date: 16 August 2021
The Keynote by Dan Brinks (Professor of Law & Political Science, University of Texas, Austin) is followed by a roundtable discussion on Autocratic Legalism: Global trends with Roberto Gargarella (Professor of Law, Di Tella University, Buenos Aires), Eirik Holmøyvik (Professor of Law, UiB), Conrado Hubner Mendes (Professor of Law, University of Sao Paulo) and Gökhan Sen (Professor of Law & Senior Researcher at CMI). Chaired by Alida Steigler (LawTransform).
Liberal democracy is weakened globally and the means by which liberal rights and constitutional democracy are undermined are very often legalistic. How should we analytically approach – and politically counter – this undermining of law from the inside? This keynote and roundtable draws lessons from Brazil, India, the US and Europe.
This session presents a new LawTransform agenda on “Autocratic Legalism”.