Keynote by Ruth Rubio Marin: The Global backlash against women’s rights

Date: 16 August 2021
Welcome to the formal opening of Bergen Exchanges 2021 by Karl Harald Søvig (Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen/UiB), Ottar Mæstad (Director of the Chr. Michelsen Institute/CMI), Siri Gloppen (LawTransform Director) and Marit Skivenes (Director of DIPA and head of LawTransform Child Rights Unit).
The opening will be followed by Ruth Rubio Marin’s (Professor of Law, University of Sevilla and European University Institute) keynote on “The Global backlash against women’s rights”, then a roundtable discussion by Marta Machado (Professor of Law, FGV Law School, Sao Paulo), Reva Siegel (Professor of Law, Yale University) and Ruth Rubio Marin. Moderated by Malcolm Langford (Professor of Law, Univ, of Oslo and LawTransform co-director).
Across the world, women’s rights are increasingly politicised, with new coalitions forming to push back against “gender ideology”. This keynote and roundtable explores how these dynamics play out across different contexts, the drivers behind them, and the implications.