Events: Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health


Roundtable: Effects of lockdown on queer lives Date: 20 August 2020 With: Siri Gloppen (UiB), Carmeliza Rosario (UiB), Camila Gianella (CMI) and Adrian Juuko (HRAPF).

Breakfast meeting: LGBT+ rights in Uganda. Date: 19 February 2020  With: Siri Gloppen (UiB) and Adrian Jjuuko (HRAPH).


Masters week – Attitudes towards homosexuals in Africa Date: 5 March 2019. With: Ruben Berge Mathisen (UiB), Norman Anderssen (UiB), Lise Rakner (UiB) and Ingvild Aagedal Skage (UiB).

Indigenous governance, intersectionality and gender equality. Date: 20 August 2019. With: Ruth Rubio-Marin (EUI/University of Sevilla), Pilar Domingo (ODI,) Elin Monstad (UiB), Rachel Sieder (CIESAS/CMI), Irina Tiurikova (UiB). Chair: Marta Machado (FGV Law School).

Researching sexual and reproductive rights lawfare, drivers of politicization and health effects of criminalization. Date: 21 August 2019. With: Siri Gloppen (UiB) and project team.

Filmmaking and intersectionality – “The Art of Fallism”. Date: 27 September 2019. With: Ingvild Aagedal Skage (producer), Gunnbjörg Gunnarsdottir (co-director), Wisaal Abrahams (South African co-producer) and Marit Tjelmeland (LawTransform).


Evening Exchanges: Law, politics and adolescent sexual and reproductive health: evidence of impact. Date: 21 August 2018. With: Astrid Blystad and Karen Marie Moland (UiB).

Den nye abortdebatten – globale og juridiske perspektiver Date: 13 December 2018. With: Hans Fredrik MarthinussenLiv Tønnessen (CMI) and Heidi Frances Thornhill (head doctor of the Womens’ Clinic at Haukeland). Chaired by Siri Gloppen (UiB).


Politicization of gender & sexuality in African media. Date: 22 August 2017. With: Feiang Shen-bayh (UC Berkeley, USA), Vegard Vibe and Ruben Mathisen (UiB). Comments by Helge Rønning (University of Oslo).


Can law heal? On legal determinants of inequalities in health and rights-based approaches to health reform. Date: 22 August 2016. With: Alan Maleche, Berit Austveg and Ole Frithjof Norheim. Moderated by Alicia Yamin.

Roundtable: Researching Law & (in)Equality. Date: 22 August 2016. With: Siri Gloppen, Francesca Jensenius, Carl Henrik Knudsen, Lise Rakner and Theodoros Rakopoulos.

Roundtable: Criminalizing immorality – how to study political drivers and backlash effects? Date: 23 August 2016. With: Adrian Jjuuko, Thomas M. Keck and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten.

Roundtable: Studying health effects of criminal law. Date: 23 August 2016. With: Alicia Yamin (O’Neill Institute, Georgetown Univeristy), Leo Arriola (UC Berkley) and Mindy Roseman (Yale University). Moderated by Camila Gianella (UiB/CMI).

Project Lectures and Workshops


The politicization of abortion and hippocratic disobedience in Islamist Sudan 2020
Liv Tønnesen (Sudan Organization for Research and Development (SORD) seminar, Khartoum)


Changing Hearts and Minds? Kenyan Courts, Public Opinion and LGBT Rights 2019
Siri Gloppen (Law & Society Annual Meeting, Washington)

Health needs, health care seeking behavior, and utilization of health services among lesbians, gays and bisexuals in Ethiopia 2019
Getnet Tadele (Law & Society Annual Meeting, Washington)

The dilemmas of implementing abortion law in Ethiopia 2019
Getnet Tadele (11th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, Liverpool, UK)

Une revolution pour les femmes. La réglementation des pratiques sexuelles et reproductive dans la Tunisie post-révolutionnaire 2019
Irene Maffi (Un paradgime tunisien? Historie et sciences sociales en révolution?)

Les soins reproductifs transfrontaliers au Maghreb: un paysage en devenir? 2019
Irene Maffi (L’assistance médicale à la procréation: enjeux d’identité, e parenté et de santé. Eléments pourune approche comparative)

Anti-sexual/reproductive rights movements and strategies in Europe and beyond 2019
Irene Maffi (Grenada XI AFIN International conference towards reproductive (in)justice: mobilites, techonologies, labourings & decisions)

La naissance comme événement élémaintre. Regards croisés sur l’accouchement en Jordanie et en Suisse au début du XXe siècle 2019
Irene Maffi (Workshop of the Société d’histoire de la naissance)

Panel: Cross-border reproductive care in the Maghreb 2019
Irene Maffi (GIS Monde arabe et Moyen-Orient)

The role of allies in advancement of LGBTQI rights. Public attitudes to homosexuality and gender non-conformity in Malawi 2019
Alan Msosa (Kopano gathering, Johannesburg)

Regulation of conscientious objection to abortion: A South African Perspective 2019
Satang Nabaneh (Project Workshop Sexual & Reproductive Rights Lawfare)

The power dynamics influencing nurses? provision of termination of pregnancy services in South Africa: A qualitative study 2019
Satang Nabaneh (African Doctoral Dissertation Research Fellowship (ADDRF) Research Symposium)

The Role of Donor Money on LGBT and Abortion Rights in Three sub-Saharan Nations: A Preliminary Sketch 2019
Mindy Roseman (Law & Society Annual Meeting)

Fluid Identities: Initial Thoughts on Understanding Gender and Identity. Making in the Mozambican Trans Community 2019
Carmeliza Rosario (Transform 2019. 3rd International Conference on Transgender Rights and the Law)

We were communists. Historical, political and ideological determinants of sexual reproductive rights 2019
Carmeliza Rosario (The interdisciplinary workshop on the role of the medical profession in the development and implementation of abortion laws in transitional and post-conflict states across the globe)

Politicisation and Criminalisation of Sexuality in Africa: Impact on the Rights to Dignity and Access to Healthcare in Kenya in a Comparative Perspective 2019
Wasonga Orago, Nicholas (Law & Society Annual Meeting)

Ethiopian University Students Negotiating with Discourses of Abortion: The Case of Addis Ababa University 2019
Mulumbet Zenabe (Project Workshop Sexual & Reproductive Rights Lawfare)


L’allaitement maternel et l’effacement des pères entre discours médicaux, pratiques sociales et injonctions morales. Deux études de cas en Suisse. 2018
Irene Maffi and Caroline Chautems. (L’allaitement comme enjeu féministe: corporéite, temporalité et normes sociales. CIRFF2018).

L’allaitement maternel et l’effacement des pères entre discours médicaux, pratiques sociales et injonctions.  Deux études de cas en Suisse. 2018
Irene Maffi. Université de Nanterre CIRFF Espace et enjeux des savoirs féministes: réalités, luttes, utopies. 

The Political Economy of Sexuality and Abortion 2018
Tadele Getnet ( African Studies Association Annual Conference, Atlanta, US)

Islam and abortion in the Middle East and Northern Africa 2018
Liv Tønnessen and Irene Maffi (Law and Society conference, Toronto)

Panel on political determinants of sexual and reproductive health 2018
Liv Tønnessen (African Studies Association Annual Conference, Atlanta)

Understanding the political dimensions of the Turning Against Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Peru 2018
Camila Gianelle, Siri Gloppen, Marta Machado (LASA2018. “The globalized backlash against reproductive rights movements: Latin America and Europe”)

Global health: political and legal determinants 2018
Siri Gloppen (Master course, University of Bergen)

Documentary pilot: Gender & sexuality in South Africa’s student protests 2018
Ingvild Aagedal Skage, Aslaug Aarsaether and Andrew Amorim (Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation)

Minimising Risks, Selling Promises? Reproductive Health, Techno-Scientific Innovations and the Production of Ignorance 2018
Irene Maffi and Sezin Topcu (International conference, University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS Paris)  

Panel: Memory Education and Collective Action 2018
Irene Maffi (Ramallah Bir Zeit University: the International conference Rethinking Memories Studies/Global Perspectives)

Réflexions sur la recherche dans les institutions médicals au sein de trois pays: entre bureaucratisation de l’éthique et pacte moral au quotidien 2018
Irene Maffi (University of Lausanne International conferende Enjeux éthiques dans la recherce en sciences sociales)

The political economy of sexuality and abortion 2018
Getnet Tadele (African Studies Association Annual Conference, Atlanta, US.)


The political economy of sexuality and abortion 2017
Getnet Tadele (Panel at EADI, Bergen)

Despair and optimism: Reflections on my experience of researching and publishing sexuality in Ethiopia 2017
Getnet Tadele (International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society meeting, Bangkok, Thailand)

Abortion after rape in Sudan 2017
Liv Tønnesen (International Meeting on Law and Society, Mexico City)

Roundtable: Transcontinental perspectives on trans-struggles 2017
Bruce Wilson, Jayna Kothari, Frans Viljonen and Nicolas Orago

The politization of LGBT and abortion rights in Zambia: Preliminary findings from survey and qualitative interviews 2017
Lise Rakner, Ingvild Aagedal Skage and Leo Arriola (Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation)

International Drivers of Anti- Sexual & Reproductive Rights Lawfare 2017
Vibe, Vegard Furustøl; Vaggione, Juan Marcos; Datta, Neil (Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation)

Queering the South African student protest – intersectionality and violence 2017
Ingvild Aagedal Skage (International Meeting on Law and Society, Mexico City)

Panelsamtale: Kjønn – hva er jeg? 2017
Ingvild Aagedal Skage and Espen Esther Pirelli Benestad

Africa’s legalized politics of homosexuality: dynamics & effects of criminalization 2017
Ingvild Aagedal Skage, Lise Rakner, Carmeliza Soares Da Costa Rosario, Nicolas Orago, Leo Arriola, Daniel M Brinks, Getnet Tadele and Siri Gloppen (Law and Society Annual Meeting, Mexico City)

The right to health and maximum available resources 2017
Siri Gloppen (The Right to Health, Judicialization and SDGs conference, London)


Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health 2016
Siri Gloppen (Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans)

Project launch: Political determinants of sexual and reproductive health 2016
Siri Gloppen, Ingvild Aagedal Skage, Getnet Tadele Tefera, Leonardo Arriola, Lise Rakner, Nicholas Orago, Ruben Mathisen, Satang Nabaneh, Frans Viljoen, Mulumbet Zenabe, Tabitha Griffith Tsaoyo, Adrian Jjuuko, Carmeliza Soares Da Costa Rosario, Camila Gianella, Vegard Furustøl Vibe, Irene Maffi, Lisa-Marie Selvik, Liv Tønnessen, Mindy Roseman (Bergen Exchanges on Law and Social Transformation)

Decriminalisation litigation and its impact on access to healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Kenyan perspective
Nicolas Orago

LGBT rights in Zambia: Analyzing politicization and contentious episodes
Lise Rakner and Leo Arriola

Judicialisation of the right to health: effects beyond health outcomes
Siri Gloppen (Georgetown University)